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The   Secret   of   my   Happiness

As I was saying, I feel fantastic all the time.  I don’t smoke, drink or take drugs of any kind, I’m not religious and don’t belong to a cult.  Yet I feel radiantly alive and ecstatically happy.  And 80% of this ecstasy comes from my body; only 20% from my mind.  Yes, surprise,  your body is a source of endless joy and delight, for free, without side effects.  It is not a source of pain and disgust from which you will mercifully be freed at death, as you have been told.  Boy, how can you be so stupid as to believe such rubbish?  Heaven isn’t after death, you’re in it now.  You’re just too screwed up to enjoy it.

And I’m not even talking about sex or masturbating.  A healthy body in a healthy mind is by nature a source of pleasure and delight even when it’s just standing there or washing the dishes.  No?  Look at your dog.  Does he ever say, “I’m too depressed to go walkies today”?  Does your cat mope about looking for its tranquilizers?  Do birds and squirrels commit suicide?  No.  They are all radiantly happy in their bodies.  So why do YOU need drugs?

After I had fixed my mind, I discovered that the secret of radiant happiness is to live my fantasy on a daily basis.  My fantasy is to be the sexiest woman alive, for all to see, since this is the ultimate object of desire.  I found that doing this regularly over time gradually filled me up with joy and contentment.  Oddly enough, it doesn’t matter if everyone ignores me or if I look like a hippo in a tutu. Oddly enough, it doesn’t matter that it’s a silly, pointless and frivolous thing to do. I always come home with a great sense of achievement, as if I have just conquered Everest or saved a thousand starving children. I feel fulfilled, happy and contented, because I have done what I really wanted to do.

So the third ingredient for the secret of happiness is this:  live your fantasy, whatever it is, as long as it’s legal.  And screw everyone else.  You only get to live every day once, so make the most of it.  A day not made the most of is a day wasted.

Before this can work for you, you need the second ingredient for the secret of happiness: you first have to fix your broken emotions.

Here are the ways how:

Counseling: talking about your problems - does work but it takes ten lifetimes to produce a result.

Psychoanalysis:  didn’t work for me.

Psychotherapy: trying to relive and express repressed feelings – does work but takes a long time.

Bio-dynamic massage as developed by Gerda Boyesen:  works really well and fast – a year or three. Here’s why: If as a child you were angry at your father but you repressed the urge to hit him because you feared he might hit you back, the urge to hit him was repressed not only in your brain BUT IN THE MUSCLES OF YOUR ARM AND SHOULDER you would have used to hit him. Biodynamic massage works directly on your arm and shoulder to release the repressed urge and anger using bio-feedback.  For this reason it is ten times faster than psychotherapy.                                              

 The London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy

 Tel: 0207 263 4290    Email:   Like us on Facebook

Cranio-sacral therapy:  everyone MUST  have this as well.  It frees up a large part of your broken personality.  The brain and spinal cord are enclosed in a sack filled with cranio-sacral fluid.  This fluid flows gently up and down in a wave motion lasting 5 seconds.  In most people this wave motion has been blocked, diminishing brain function and awareness.  It needs to be gently restarted by a an osteopath or a cranio-sacral therapist.  One or two treatments will do it, and you’ll be a lot bigger than before.

To fix and untrick your mind you need the first ingredient for the secret of happiness, which is my book. Buy digital version in the store below or flag me down and buy a printed copy. 

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It took me ten years to find out what the hell is going on, so I thought I'd save other people that ten years by writing it all down in a book for them to read, which I called  "JOURNEY TO YOURSELF".   In case you can't read the green bit, it says: 


So it's not at all about being a transvestite, and it’s not my auto-biography, but it’s about how YOU can become a real person in this society. 

             Here is part of the introduction:

          This book describes the actual emotional nature of ordinary human beings, and how this emotional nature is deliberately completely misrepresented by society as a whole. Society then uses this misrepresentation to trick us, and to systematically rob us of our true emotional nature.     

              And here is part of the first chapter:

  I MEET YOU somewhere on the Path of Endarkenment, though I know not where.  It used to be called "The Path of Enlightenment", but people found that it seemed to get darker the further they went along it.  So they changed the name.
           Oh, by the way, my name is Vere.  Percy Vere.
           Most people still live in the Town of Awright, which used to be called the "Town of All Right", since that was the way its people greeted each other.  In the olden days they would say, "Are you all right?", and wait patiently to hear about your rheumatism and your giro that didn't come.  But the "are you" was dropped, and eventually the question mark was dropped as well, so that everyone just said "Awright!"  instead of "Hello!", and it began to sound like "You are all right, aren't you?", more like an order than a question, more like "You better be Awright if you want to be one of us".  So it became a kind of a password, a clan name.  "I'm Awright, you're Awright".  Much like "I'm McClaughlan, you're McClaughlan."

           In the Town of Awright the sun always shines and everyone is cheerful.  Even the milkmen, delivering milk in the dark and the freezing rain, always whistle.  Most people take the underground every day to go and work in Science City.
          Maybe you have just recently moved out of town because you started feeling lost and depressed.  Maybe you were thrown out because you stopped smiling.  You may already be feeling anger or desperation welling up in you, and may think of yourself as someone with emotional problems.  But why is it then that you have emotional problems when everyone else around you is Awright?  You become afraid of being an outcast.  You hide your fears, anger and depression and move back into the Town of Awright.  It never occurs to you that most of them are doing exactly what you're doing.  Most of them feel much the same fears, anger, emptiness, lostness that you feel.  And they all hide it because, like you, they are afraid of being rejected.

And from chapter 2,     Awful Truth City:

            Mr. Optimist is sure that things are fine, or that they will turn out fine without him having to worry too much.  He sits back complacently, denying all the bad things happening to him, because facing up to them would be pessimistic or negative, or so he thinks.  He ignores the pitfalls along the way.  He will fall into one smiling today, and fall into the same one smiling again tomorrow.  He cannot learn from his experience because he doesn't accept it.
             Mr. Pessimist concentrates on the negative not because he is a pessimist, but because he wants to improve things by removing the negative.  Mr. Optimist ignores the negative, therefore he winds up keeping it. 

             In science and in medicine it is clearly understood that careful and correct diagnosis is the first and most important step towards solving a problem.  They know that if they do not fully understand the true nature AND EXTENT of the problem, they have little hope of finding a solution.  Yet where peoples' emotions and the realities of their daily lives are concerned, diagnosis is deliberately avoided.  And because they refuse to properly diagnose their situation, they will never be able to improve it.  They trap themselves in a catch-22 situation:  Simply because the truth about their situation is so awful and so depressing, they refuse to face it, and consequently they trap themselves in that self-same awful situation.

And from chapter 3,
The Great Awful Truth City Emotional Robbery:

People have been robbed of just about all their natural feelings and behaviour patterns, and have been locked in an emotional prison.
           All our natural drives, desires and behaviour patterns have developed through the ages to serve us.  Their expression brings us emotional happiness and a sense of fulfilment, as well as practical happiness and fulfilment such as housing, food and children, since that is what they are there for.  So their expression is basically GOOD.  (Or at least was originally good.)  But this expression has been stolen in the Great Awful Truth City Robbery, leaving us unhappy, unfulfilled, empty inside; leaving us full of shame, guilt and inferiority about these feelings which have now been driven deep down inside us; and leaving us lost, wandering aimlessly through life asking stupid questions such as "Who am I?", "What is the meaning of life?", and "Is there life before death?"

There then follows a list of everything that has been stolen from us

 1. Pride                            6. Spontaneity 
 2. Sex and sexuality           7. The right to judge 
 3. Aggression and anger      8. Loafing
 4. Curiosity                       9. A bit of dirt
 5. A whole personality:-- masculine and feminine

The rest of the book consists of sections dealing with each of these.
Here is an extract from the section on  PRIDE:

The most important emotion of which we have been robbed is our pride.  We all "know" that pride is ugly.  "Pride comes before a fall," we say.  We try to rid ourselves of our pride.  Yet true pride is natural, healthy, and essential for happiness, self-expression and survival.
           Pride is simply the knowledge that one is worthy.  Worthy of life, happiness, and freedom.  That is why so many people commit suicide:  because, deep down, they are convinced that they don't really deserve to live.  That is why so many people allow themselves to wind up in prison or mental hospital:  because they don't believe that they are entitled to freedom.  And that is why almost everybody lives out their life silently resigned to the bars of the Awful Truth City jail:  because of their conviction that emotional freedom is not their natural right, that they are not worthy of it.

           Pride is feeling good about being the particular kind of being that you are.
           Pride is that feeling of well-being derived from the awareness of being a particular kind of creature.  It is the well-being a cat derives from sensing its cat-ness: that slinky, feline, independent, self-possessed contented quality that makes a cat a cat.  It is the joy of feeling its cat energy flowing freely through its veins.  "As contented as a cat," we say, because a cat radiates a feeling of well-being and contentment.  This feeling is its emotion of Pride.  You can see that the cat is pleased with being a cat, and enjoys it.   It is not at all ashamed of it.  On the contrary, it positively radiates the fact that it is happy to be alive, and happy to be a cat.
         Its body is a source of joy, unlike humans, whose bodies are a source of pain, shame and disgust.  The cat does not need to dream of a heaven after death where it will finally be freed of physical pain and disgust. It’s already there. Only humans are so screwed up and tricked that they can’t enjoy the heaven they’re already in.


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